Water departments stay busy to prevent bursting pipes

CREAL SPRINGS, IL (KFVS) - The Creal Springs water department is keeping busy turning folks' water on and off to prevent pipes from bursting.

Jeff Marks, Creal springs utility worker is busy answering calls day and night, and turning water lines off and on at the customer's request.

"Whenever it's leaking you shut it off," Marks said.

But not every customer waited for theirs to burst.

"I'm luckier than most people. Mine didn't burst or anything, I put heat in my basement and it thawed out then," said Hollie Tanner, a Creal Springs resident.

It saved Tanner a lot of dough, but that doesn't mean he didn't pay.

"I couldn't take a bath, wash my dishes," he said.

After a long two days, his water was turned on again.

"Now I can put the paper plates up and plastic forks and get on with life," he said.

Marks said this strategy can help prevent major problems.

Jackie Chamness wasn't as lucky.

"My waterline froze and busted," he said.

He wasted no time getting it fixed so that he could get his water turned back on as soon as possible.

"Just having the bathroom and having water to cook with and wash with, I missed that this morning," he said.

The water department also recommends letting your faucets drip to avoid a burst.

And as temperatures rise, the work isn't expected to slow down anytime soon.

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