Cabin fevers creates spontaneous travel

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Cabin fever has gotten the best of us in the Heartland causing some to plan a vacation getaway.

This weather has caused some people in the Heartland to just throw up their hands and say, "get me out of here."

Folks at B and A travel services in Marion say they've had enough and are booking vacations as far south as they can go.

The agency said this time of year is traditionally their busiest, but the cold has brought in some spontaneous travelers mapping out plans for a cruise or resort.

A potential traveler, Vicki Voaz said after two days of having her water shut off from freezing pipes and this bitter cold she's ready to pack up and leave.

"I've been thinking about a vacation and then this cold weather hit and now I'm thinking about two! Maybe a short one someplace warm until I can get ready to go someplace else," she said.

The agency said they've have about 2 dozen folks still stranded at their vacation spots trying to get home.

As well as some people still trying to make their way out of southern Illinois.

If you're looking to replace all this ice with some sand, the agency said this is the time of year where you will get your best travel rates.

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