Cairo man wins $208,000 in Mo. lottery

Lloyd Norris won $208,000 in the Show Me Cash jackpot. (Source: Missouri Lottery)
Lloyd Norris won $208,000 in the Show Me Cash jackpot. (Source: Missouri Lottery)

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - A Cairo, Ill. man won $208,000 in the Missouri lottery.

Lloyd Norris is a dedicated lottery player. He lives in Illinois, works in Missouri and lives close enough to Kentucky that he plays the Lottery in all three states. It was the Missouri Lottery, however, that made Norris a big winner with the Show Me Cash jackpot.

Norris, 61, drives a forklift for a living in Cape Girardeau. He said he usually stops at one of two stores to get his Missouri Lottery tickets. He bought this winning Quick Pick ticket at D-Mart Shell on William Street in Cape Girardeau. He didn't realize he had a big winner until he was checking tickets about a week following the Dec. 10 drawing.

"I stuck it in there (Check-A-Ticket machine), and it said, '$208.' I thought, 'There's no prize for $208.' Then I saw those other three zeroes. It surprised me. If I had me a bad heart, I might have croaked," recounted Norris.

This is the first big win for Norris, except for a thousand dollar Pick 4 prize years ago. He said he'll continue to play with a focus on the state games like Show Me Cash. His dream, though, is to win Powerball.

"I'm still trying for the millions there, because I want to have a good retirement," Norris said.

This windfall will be used for a new car. Norris was worried about his current vehicle making it home from claiming his prize, so the timing was excellent. The balance will go in the bank.

He is hopeful that he will win again, two players in the history of Show Me Cash have won two jackpot prizes.

"I've been playing for 44 years," he said. "It will pan out. You just don't know when."

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