Cape Central students receive laptops

Cape Central students receive laptops


Every student at Cape Central High School now has his or her own personal computer.

The laptops were passed out as part of the schools 1:1 program.

However,  the launch of the hi-tech tools didn't come without some minor hiccups.

Google Chrome was pushed out in mass to all of the computers, but the web browser did not connect with every device.  Officials say it was an easy fix.

Students say they are already seeing the benefits of the program.

"I have a junior paper that I have to write, so now I don't have to depend on my own lap top to do it," said Deja Reddin, a junior.

"I got an assignment in creative writing, and I can do it tonight, I do not have to go into the library after school," said Angelica Scheller, a senior.

"I think as society is changing and we're incorporating more and more into our lives," said Courtney Limbaugh, a senior. "I really important that school systems keep up with it."

Unlike some other schools, students at Cape Central will be able to take the laptops home with them.

Each device costs about $400.

Parents can purchase a $25 insurance plan to help cover the cost if the computer gets damaged.

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