Towing companies busy in wake of storm

MOUNT VERNON, IL (KFVS) - Shortly after the snowflakes began falling on Sunday, the phones at 911 dispatch centers began ringing.

Drivers all across Southern Illinois were having trouble staying on the slick roads, and avoiding other drivers who had lost control of their vehicles.

At Rick's Towing in Mt. Vernon, drivers have been working non-stop since early Sunday morning.

"It's been very hectic," said Rick Heck owner of Rick's Towing, Inc. "It's just cars everywhere, cars off in the ditch and semi's stuck. And it's cold, cold weather. We've even had some semi-trucks freezing up because of the weather while driving down the road."

At this time the Illinois State Police have issued a "no tow" order for all of Jefferson County along the interstates.

"There's more than sixty cars alone sitting in the median and along side the interstates in the county," Heck said.

The subzero temperatures aren't the only hazards tow truck drivers are having to deal with while on the job.

"On Sunday we had the cable strung out across the road pulling a car out of the ditch. And another car just never even slowed down. He ran right underneath our cable and scrapped it across the top of his car," Heck said. "He just kept on going and never even stopped. If it had hooked on the front of his car it could've jerked our tow truck around and hurt the driver. It's unbelievable people just don't have much respect for the weather the way it is."

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