Busy night for Cape Girardeau taxi drivers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - In years past, we all tend to brace for impact over New Year's Eve, always fearing a string of severe and sometimes deadly accidents across the Heartland.
But this year, the Missouri Highway Patrol has only one accident report with a serious injury and it looks like troopers didn't work a single deadly crash over night.

Officer Darin Hickey with the Cape Girardeau Police Departments said it was a quiet night for their officers.
It was the exact opposite for Scott Gentry with Designated Driver. He and his crew drove more than 400 miles along the roads of Cape and Jackson.
Gentry said they drove all over, from the county roads to city. They actually brought in more vehicles and drivers to make sure they could meet the demand.
Normally, they just have one driver on the weekends. Last night, his company brought in two more drivers in addition.
Gentry said they saw a lot of law enforcement cars, but not many people pulled over by those cars which kept him busy.

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