Brookport city leaders hold meeting to address rumors

BROOKPORT, IL (KFVS) - Rumors surrounding the town of Brookport caused the acting mayor to hold a town hall meeting Thursday night.

State, federal and local officials were there to help guide those still confused about anything concerning the recovery efforts.

Residents came armed with questions and were asked to write them down. The groups from FEMA, the Red Cross and insurance agencies answered each of them individually.

Many of the questions dealt with the rebuilding of homes in the area. The city formed a long-range recovery committee that is asking the people that does receive money to hold on to it. They plan on bringing in volunteers to help build homes for free.

The money will be used for supplies, but the cost of labor will be free.

"Very helpful," said Elmer Pullen, a Brookport resident. "I thought a lot of questions were answered. It appears that FEMA is going to be around to help Brookport with the problem and not run out on us. I thought it was very helpful."

Rebuilding could start as early as March and all labor will be free.

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