Ringing and singing for a good cause

Ringing and singing for a good cause

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - We've all heard the bell ringing this season while out shopping, but have you heard the singing? If you were in the right place at the right time, you might have heard one happy bell ringer singing your favorite Christmas carols.

Jamie Todd sings while she rings.

"I'm just singing and ringing my happy little bell, " Todd said.

To Jamie, the job of bell ringing involves more than just smiling and waving. She also gives passersby the gift of song.

"People want to see other people happy," Todd said.

In return for her singing, she says people give more gifts to those in need.

"If I do sing, in an hour, I could get probably 30 to 50 dollars more," Todd said.

She says part of what keeps her singing is the difference she knows it's making.

"I know that 65 cents out of every single dollar that's collected in this bucket right here goes directly back into the community," Todd said. "Faith in humanity restored."

Todd says her cheerful spirit doesn't go away when her ringing shift is over.

"I sing at home a lot and I sing in my car," Todd said.

When she sings in public, people are pleasantly surprised.

"[They say] 'Oh, that's you singing!?' Todd said. "[They also say] Thank you for doing what you do."

She says words like those also help keep her ringing and singing.

"Encouragement is recognition enough, just that smile on your face," Todd said.

If you see her, give her a smile and don't be shy to sing along.

The Salvation Army bell ringing season starts in November and lasts through Christmas Eve. This year was Jamie's second year to serve as a bell ringer.

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