Cape Walmart bid - Search for Hardin Co. woman - Pictures could hurt memory

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The search continues for a missing Hardin County woman and her family has now offered a reward for information.

Holly Brantley will be live this morning from Cape Girardeau with details on a possible new Walmart development right in the middle of town.

At 5:15, I'll be giving you some holiday travel tips to help you navigate more smoothly this holiday season.

Your gas and utility meters could soon be read from the sky! We'll have a special report on this at 5:23.

Then at 5:41 learn why pediatricians are urging pregnant women, infants and young children to only consume pasteurized dairy products.

Peter O'Toole passed away over the weekend at a London hospital and we'll highlight the actor's life and career at 5:50.

One person is dead and 36 people have been displaced after an apartment fire in Washington state. Join us at 6 for the latest.

You could still have a chance to be a multi-millionaire as the Mega Millions jackpot has grown even larger after there was no winner last week.

Then at 6:20, I'll tell you about how all those pictures you're taking could be hurting your memory.

Classes will not be in session Monday at the Colorado high school where a student opened fire Friday. Tune in at 6:30 for the latest.

Join us for 12 minutes of commercial-free news and weather starting at 6:45.

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