Amtrak sets ridership record

Amtrak is building up a full head of steam setting a record for the most number of people riding their trains.

The rail system carried a record 31 million passengers in the fiscal year 2013.

That's the more than any year in the rail system's 42 years of operation.

In fact, this year's ridership is the tenth time in the last 11 years that the company broke its own record.

The company credits its convenience and benefits for its success.

"It's cheaper for the gas, more convenient, basically, It gets you where you need to be in a shorter time," says one passenger.

"With gas prices, it is a nice easy way to go and it is more or less on time, it doesn't fall out of the air," says a passenger.

All those riders are helping the bottom line at Amtrak.

Ticket revenue increased to a record $2.1 billion.

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