SIU awarded nearly $900K radio spectrum research grant

SIU awarded nearly $900K radio spectrum research grant

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The National Science Foundation awarded a Southern Illinois University Carbondale research team nearly $900,000 to research more efficient and flexible access to the radio spectrum.

According to a news release, Xiangwei Zhou, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Alison Watts, professor of economics, received $896,629 for their proposal called Efficient Temporal-Spatial Spectrum Sharing through Voluntary Exchange.

"To encourage spectrum sharing and enhance spectrum efficiency, it is important to have a mechanism or solution concept that creates the correct incentives for both primary and secondary user," Zhou and Watts wrote in their project summary. "However, there are significant communication costs as well as limitations involved in the sale or exchange of spectrum bands."

Researchers say some form of sharing mechanism must be in place for this to happen efficiently. Zhou and Watts will study the sharing mechanisms, spectrum management tools and the online spectrum marketplace in order to find a system that benefits primary users, secondary users and society.

The professors want to find ways to maximize the number of users on each spectrum frequency band to maximize without causing interference among them.

That's where the "efficient temporal-spatial sharing" part of the research comes in, according to researchers. "Spectrum sharing is at least a three-dimensional problem dealing with time, frequency, and space," Zhou said. "We need to have the right time-frequency-space cube for each user."

Zhou and Watts will use this research project and the funding from it as a learning and student research opportunity. They plan to introduce topics from the research into classes they already teach, including game theory (economics), digital communications, and wireless and personal communication systems.

Zhou and Watts will encourage students to publish and to present their findings in academic journals and at academic conferences.

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