Flooding closes dozens of Heartland roads

Published: Jun. 1, 2013 at 12:25 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 12, 2013 at 3:33 PM CDT
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Flooding in Neelyville, MO (Source; Summer Dawn Frazier)
Flooding in Neelyville, MO (Source; Summer Dawn Frazier)
Flooding in Mounds, IL (Source: Roderic Gatewood)
Flooding in Mounds, IL (Source: Roderic Gatewood)
Flooding in Cairo, IL (Source: cNews)
Flooding in Cairo, IL (Source: cNews)
County Road 401 in Scott County (Source: KFVS Photojournalist Mike Mohundro)
County Road 401 in Scott County (Source: KFVS Photojournalist Mike Mohundro)
Flooding in Mound City, IL (Source: cNews)
Flooding in Mound City, IL (Source: cNews)

Friday night storms caused flooding and power outages in some parts of the Heartland. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation is keeping a close eye on the Chester bridge. The bridge links Perry County, Missouri to Chester, Illinois. Crews have sandbagged the area as a precaution. But there are no plans to close Route 51 or the Chester bridge. 

Tuesday, June 2, Highway 177 was flooded about two miles outside the Cape Girardeau City limits. It's one of the routes used to get to Proctor and Gamble. There is a road closed sign up, so if you travel that road, you need to plan for a different route. 

Deputies in Stoddard County, Missouri say a number of roads are under water including: Highways T, M, WW (north of Dudley and Highway 25), and J (in the Puxico area). Deputies say Highway 91 from Highway 25 toward Bell City is partially or fully covered by floodwater.

Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Clark Parrott says there were two incidents where a car went into flood waters from a creek in Stoddard County overnight. Both drivers got out safely. Parrott says to listen to warnings about not driving over water on the roadways. 

Overnight heavy rains in Kentucky also caused flash flooding along highways in several counties early Saturday. Several counties are reporting water over the road in places that have not been flooded before. McCracken County and Carlisle County highway crews report water is in so many areas they are having a hard time setting warning signs up. 

Paducah police say all city wide parks are closed due to flooding.

According to MoDOT, the following roads are closed in Missouri due to flooding issues:

Cape Girardeau County: Hwy. 25, Route 74 between I-55 and Route 25 in Dutchtown (Local traffic can use Bloomfield Road to get to Cape Girardeau), Route A at Dutchtown

Butler County: Route N

Stoddard County: Route T

Bollinger County: Route H

Scott County: Route E

Wayne County: MO 49

Carter County: Route Z; Route M

Ripley County: Route K; Route H, Route NN

Dunklin County: Route B

Madison County: Route V

Perry County: Route A, Hwy C in Menfro and Hwy E at Railroad Crossing are closed due to high water

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Ste. Gen. County: US Hwy 61 into St Mary's is closed do to high water, use Hwy Z to access St. Mary's; Route J, Route U, Route V

Flash flooding along highways in several counties that has severely hampered travel and more rain is expected throughout the day. 

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is reminding drivers that as little as six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet or push a vehicle off the roadway. Motorists are urged to slow down and use extreme caution.

The City of Paducah closed Noble, Stuart Nelson, and Keiler Parks due to flooding. Also crews have been out since 3 a.m. checking manholes, removing debris, and setting up barricades if necessary on City streets.  Many Paducah streets are flooded at this time.

According to a spokesperson with the Ky. Transportation Cabinet:

Reopened roads

Floodwaters have dropped. KY 123 has reopened to traffic at this site.

McCracken County Reports KY 348 has REOPENED between McNeil Rd and KY 1684.

The traffic signal at the I-24/US 60 Exit 4 Interchange is up and running again.

Hickman County reports KY 80 has REOPENED to traffic in the West End Area near Arlingrton.

Floodwaters have receded enough to allow all state highways in Fulton County to reopen to normal traffic flow this morning.

Dropping floodwaters have allowed US 62 to reopen at the 4 mile marker in Carlisle County.

Floodwaters have receded sufficiently to allow KY 1628 in Carlisle County to reopen to normal traffic flow.

Closed roads

KY 305/ Cairo Road is closed between the 5 and 6 mile marker in McCracken County due to high water. This is near the intersection with Mayfield-Metropolis Road.

Floodwaters have shorted out the traffic signal at the I-24/US 60 Exit 4 Interchange in McCracken County.  Four-way stop signs will be put out at this intersection as soon as floodwaters recede.

Hickman County reports KY 1628 is closed between the 1 and 3 mm in Hickman Co. 

Hickman County reports KY 58 is CLOSED by floodwaters at the 10 mile marker near Clinton., KY 1820 is CLOSED by floodwaters at the Graves-Hickman County line.

KY 783 is closed in Calloway County between the 0 and 1 mile marker.  This is near the intersection with KY 893 in the South Pleasant Grove Church Areas.

Calloway County reports flooding at the intersection of KY 94 at KY 1660/Johnny Robertson Road and at several spots along KY 121 in the county.  A tree is reported blocking KY 121 in the New Concord area.

Trigg County reports water over various highways.  Water is over US 68 between the 11 and 12 mile marker.  This is near the entrance to Lake Barkley State Park.

Storms overnight also left hundreds in southern Illinois in the dark.

According to the Ameren CIPS outage website electricity was knocked out to 816 homes in Carterville and the surrounding area, and another 111 homes in and around Benton. 

The National Weather Service says Paducah had 5.58" on Saturday, which breaks the old record of 2.61" in 1971. Also, Cape Girardeau recorded 3.39 inches of record rainfall. The old record was 1.82 in 1971.

As of 5pm Saturday according to the NWS, the Mississippi River level at Cape Girardeau is in minor flooding at 35.5 feet. It is projected to rise to 46.5 feet, two feet shy of the record.

Thebes, Illinois was at 34.16 feet as of 5 p.m. Saturday, and rising to 44.3 feet. The record is 45.9 feet.

Storm reports from the National Weather Service on 6/1:

10:28am - 5 inches of rainfall in 48 hours in French Village in St. Francois County, MO  

9:21am - Hwy 80 W is flooding in the community of Arlington in Carlisle County, KY. Water is approaching the front porch of many homes.

9:10am - Water over Gum Springs Road, 4 miles SW of Paducah, KY

9:10am - Water over road at Highway 60, 3 miles WSW of Paducah, KY, and Information Age Park with much of the northern portion of the park flooded.

9:09am - 2.95 inches of rainfall 7 miles S of Steeleville, IL in Randolph County

8:55am - Hwy 641 in Calloway County has 3 different locations where water is running across the roadway. One vehicle was in the ditch.

8:45am - Standing water in many parking areas near the  intersection of Interstate 24 and Hinkleville Road in Paducah, KY. Hotels and restaurants have standing water in parking lots and surrounding lawns.

7:10am - Cunningham Road in Lovelaceville in Ballard County, KY has several vehicles stuck in the water across the roadway.

7:03am - County Line Road in Kevil, KY, Ballard County, will be closed soon due to one half foot of fast running water.

6:39am - A number of cars flooded in car lot near Old Mayfield Rd. and Irvin Cobb Dr. in Paducah, KY

6:24am- Residents of Oak Crest Apt's stranded by deep flood waters from nearby creek. Water several feet deep in some locations. Flowing water over roads in Paducah, KY

6:36am - Flooding at home on Jan-Lyn Dr. and Harting Ridge Rd. in West Paducah, KY; Water in home, resident trapped-water rescue underway.

6:33am - Hwy 45/Jackson St. closed under railroad tracks. Running water 1 foot deep across Alben Barkley Dr. Running water one half foot deep across intersection of Lone Oak Rd. & Alben Barkley Dr. Running water across Hwy 60 in Paducah, KY

6:31am - 3.97 inches of rainfall measured in 4 hours in Cairo, IL

6:18am - Water as high as 2.5 feet deep on Ruggie Cemetery Rd. in Gilbertsville, KY; English Rd. also flooded in Marshall County, KY

6:12am - 4.68 inches of rain measured at Barkley Regional Airport in McCracken County since 3:15 a.m. 

4:52am - 2.70 inches of rainfall in 24 hours in Lesterville, MO in Reynolds County

3:00am- Wind damage just north of Dykersburg in Williamson County, IL with several trees down and one pole barn damaged.

5:59 a.m. - Water is at least 3-feet-deep near the intersection of Buckner Lane an Oak Crest in Paducah, KY

5:35 a.m. - Water up to 4 feet near the intersection of Old Mayfield and Lebanon Church Road in Paducah, KY

5:34 a.m. - Corvette completely submerged in water at Milan Station Road. Water rescue of person in Paducah, KY

5:17 a.m. - Flooding over Maxon Road west of Paducah, KY; Flooding over Maxon Road W of Paducah, KY

4:48am - Jackson St. near Railroad overpass is closed due to flooding in Paducah, KY

4:47am- Up to 1 foot of water over the road near the intersection of 21st and Jackson St. in Paducah, KY

4:42am - Up to 2 feet of water near Old Mayfield Rd. and Joe Bryan Dr. in Paducah, KY

4:39am - Flooding near 21st St. and Old Mayfield Rd. and 32nd and Rucker in Paducah, KY

1:30am- Wind gust of 60 mph from Carterville, IL across SW Williamson County. Downed limbs and power outages.

1:15am - Shingles blown off roofs in Herrin, IL. Three to six diameter limbs blown out of trees at the north end of town near Herrin Road.

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