Stoddard Co. man files concealed carry lawsuit

STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A man from Stoddard County filed a lawsuit after he says he had problems getting his concealed carry endorsement on his driver's license.

Eric Griffin says his concealed carry endorsement had been approved by the sheriff.

Griffin says when he went to the Stoddard County License Bureau to have it put on his license, the office reportedly wanted several documents including his birth certificate and residency documents to keep on file.

"This is personal, private, protected information, that will be going into the hands at least to a 3rd party private company that is providing the service, and then who knows from there where the rest of that information may wind up," said Prosecuting Attorney Russell Oliver.

His attorney, Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Oliver, calls that illegal.

"The optimum outcome is that we just turn the clock back and do things we did one month ago, don't require this additional hurdle that's not authorized by statute, do things that we have done, and the statute tells you to do, verify this is the applicants papers are in order and return it to him," said Oliver. "The Missouri legislature has clearly said, we're not participating in that program, we don't want our department of revenue to be collecting that information."

A trial judge issued a temporary restraining order over the practice Monday and scheduled a hearing March 12. Oliver says the order is limited to the Stoddard County license office.

A Revenue Department spokesman says the agency follows the law.

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