Philippines death mystery, diet drinks linked to depression

A son is looking for answers after his father was killed in the Philippines.
A son is looking for answers after his father was killed in the Philippines.

A Poplar Bluff, Mo. man is looking for answers after his father was killed while vacationing in the Philippines. Todd Tumminia talks to the son today about his quest for answers. He'll have more on Heartland News at 6.

Illinois State Police released the name of the man found dead in his vehicle at Shawnee National Forest in Pope County, Ill. Sunday.

The family of a 32-year-old Farmington, Mo. fugitive killed in a police shootout plans a memorial service tomorrow to mark the one-year anniversary of his death.'

Crews responded to the scene of an early morning fire at an auto repair shop in Marion, Ill. Allison Twaits will have more details on Heartland News at 5.

Lawmakers proposing gun control legislation could end up in prison under a bill introduced by a Missouri House Republican.

Are you feeling a little depressed? It might be because of something you drank today. Something that a lot of us consume every day for a pick-me-up could actually be bringing us down. Learn how an ingredient in many diet drinks could be linked to some cases of depression tonight on Heartland News at 5.

Many people choose to give something up for the Lenten Season. Tonight on Heartland News at 6, Holly Brantley talks to three people who decided to log off Facebook for Lent about why they're giving up an online connection to reconnect with a higher power.

We're working on compiling a list of fish fry events in the Heartland. If your community has one or more fish fry events, feel free to send us the information to C/O Amber Ruch, County News Digital Producer, at

A Florida man is accused of child abuse for allegedly putting bleach in his baby's bottle.

A newborn was wrongly declared dead at a Toronto hospital. The error has prompted a review by officials at Humber River Regional Hospital in Canada.

A Texas family is going to need a lot of diapers after a woman gave birth to identical twins without fertility drugs!

A day after Burger King's Twitter account was hacked, Jeep also fell victim to hackers while viewers of MTV and BET fell victim to an elaborate PR hacking hoax.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews plan to pre-treat highways to prepare for the chance of freezing rain and sleet on Thursday morning.

Bob Reeves is keeping an eye on the computer models to see what exactly we might expect Thursday.

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