Multiple schools are taking proactive steps after Sandy Hook shootings

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - Multiple schools are taking proactive steps to train teachers in case an active shooter should enter their school.

No matter how safe you think you are, you can never let your guard down.

The Sandy Hook shooting drove that point home and that is why schools are taking steps to increase security.

Many schools stepped up security procedures they already had in place.

Poplar Bluff scheduled more intensive training for elementary school teachers right after the shooting in Connecticut

There was a packed house for ALICE training (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate).

It is lead by Sgt. Tom Bradley and lt. Kenny Mayberry of the Southeast Missouri State University Department of Public Safety.

After instruction one of the teachers actually acts as a shooter, and the teachers learn how to react.

A big part of the training involves mental preparation, and teachers say they are ready.

"Now I know I can be a tool that can save lives," said Gabrielle Epps, a Poplar Bluff Elementary School Teacher.

"I feel ready, "said Monique Grivvins. "It's important that we know how to react in these kinds of situations and I am glad our district takes the steps to keep us alert."

The training is free for schools and businesses, and now all teachers in the Poplar Bluff district have experienced the course

Malden School District is taking proactive steps to keep students safe, but with a slightly different approach.

There staff and local law enforcement spent the day going over training procedures.

Malden teachers go through training with local police, sheriff's deputies, and members of the highway patrol.

"We feel it's important to use our local authorities because if there is a devastating event the local police and highway patrol will be the first to respond," said Superintendent Ken Cook. "We want our teachers to know what they expect. It's extremely important to us to educate and be ready for anything that could happen."

"This is our community and we feel it's our responsibility to keep safe," said Chief of Police, Jarrett Bullock. "I graduated from this school, my kids go to the school and we want everyone in our community prepared for the worst thing that could happen."

The school district also added an a second resource officer after the Sandy Hook shooting. That officer is placed at the Elementary School building.

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