Volunteerism making a difference at Perryville school

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - They are a priceless part of element of Perryville Elementary School: Volunteers. Administrators say these dedicated men and women help with everything from big classrooms, to sick students and even school grounds.

Their contribution makes a big difference in their lives and every child they touch, especially on a campus of 850 kids!

"It makes me feel great and because I have never taught kindergartners I never realized what a joy it is," said Marjorie Triller.

Triller is a retired teacher who wanted to continue serving students.

"I really love reading to people," said Triller.

She volunteers in the library at Perryville elementary. There's no payment but there is the satisfaction of knowing students will remember her as the nice lady who came to read them stories.

"Just to know that in my own heart that I have touched someone's life makes me feel good," she said.

"I just wanted to be there to help someone else child," said April Bishop, another volunteer.

Bishop's kids are older, but she still comes to give extra help to kids in the large kindergarten class every day. And her reward?

"The hugs," said Bishop. "I get lots and lots and lots of hugs and how can it not brighten your day."

Jennifer Lawrence is another mom who's become a regular volunteer.

"Just that good feeling of knowing that I am helping and trying to make a difference," said Lawrence. "I also like being in the school close to my children. I have a better understanding of what's going on in their life."

She loves children and books so setting up for the book fair is rewarding to her in a big way.

"This is better than Christmas!" said Lawrence.

Some students told me they beg their relatives to come help. Anna Korando loves the extra time with her grandmother, Denise Womack.

"I got my grandma to come in," said Korando. "I said please please, please!"

Cousins Riley Hagan and Trenton Balsman also love having their moms around.

We asked the boys their favorite thing about having their moms help out.

"Because I'll be good," said Hagan.

"Sometimes we talk about my day," said Balsman. "I like eating lunch with her."

"The kids really love the volunteers," said Jennifer Streiler, Principal. "The volunteers actually thank us for letting them come in, but their service is amazing. They help us give hundreds of children that one on one and that's the key."

Principal Jennifer Streiler says it's exciting to watch how a couple of hours can have a life changing effect

"They're gonna remember how they gave them a hug or sat and read with them," said Streiler.

With such a rough flu, season teachers say volunteers helped nurses manage in a big way.

Perryville Elementary is always looking for dedicated members of the community willing to offer their time.

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