Does it Work Wednesday: Pedi Spin

Does it Work Wednesday: Pedi Spin

ELKVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Marsha Niehoff thought the newest spin on a popular product would be a great item to buy. After all, she uses the original Ped Egg frequently.

"I love this."

In fact, in 2008, Lauren named Ped Egg her "Favorite Does it Work Product" of the year.  She still loves the $10 skin sloughing tool that gets you smooth "in between" pedicures.

"I use Ped Egg, so I thought Pedi Spin would be great."

But, Marsha found it took more than that off.

"Felt like it was a rug burn. It split a callus. It started bleeding!"

She said it cut her skin. Marsha claims she couldn't walk for four days, under the advisement of her doctor. She quickly returned Pedi Spin to the store.

"I wouldn't use it. It's dangerous."

In fact, as soon as you turn it on, it sounds like a drill. So, to be clear, we still love the callus-scraping action from the original Ped Egg, but the new spin of the Pedi Spin can roll on outta here.

"I'd give it an 'F'."

Pedi Spin might be in the running for our worst Does it Work product of the year, making its mark with an 'F' on this Does it Work test.

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