Does it Work Wednesday: Better Beater

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Lisa Bertrand is an avid cook who's interested to see if the newest kitchen gadget, Better Beater, belongs in her home.  It's supposed to mix, whisk and stir better than your classic tools, all with a "press and spin" action, but Does it Work?

First, we crack some eggs to see if Better Beater will fluff them, as promised.

"Whoa. I can't believe how hard it is to use this," said LIsa.

It really takes a lot of pressing action to get the Better Beater to whisk.  We get the hang of it, but then compare it to a regular whisk.

"It's much easier to use a regular whisk, although the Better Beater is fluffing the eggs."

Next, we try it on brownie mix to see if this will get the lumps out of the batter. Lisa uses two hands to get the Better Beater to press and spin.

"Whew! What a workout!"

Finally, we make a banana, peach, yogurt smoothie in a glass, just like the directions promise we can.

"Well, it is breaking up the chunks of fruit, but I could have had this mixed with a blender a long time ago.  So, if you want to do it manually, then this is your tool. You'll get in an extra arm workout."

Still, we cannot deny all three of our foods are mixed and Better Beater does work.

"I'd give it a grade 'B'.  I wouldn't buy it, but it does do what it claims," said Lisa.

The Better Beater works, it's just not "better" than your classic cooking utensils.  It whips up a solid 'B' on this Does it Work test.

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