Concealed Carry on the ballot in Randolph County

Published: Oct. 17, 2012 at 9:28 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 17, 2012 at 9:46 PM CDT
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Randolph County voters will see question on concealed carry on the November 6 ballot.

The very last item on the ballot is an advisory question that asks: "Shall any individual who is not prohibited from possessing firearms under the law be allowed to conceal, possess, carry and or transport firearms in any manner free from infringement?

Randolph County resident Arlyn Fisk he says if it were legal, he might not carry a firearm on his hip all the time, but he'd like to have the right to do so.

"I believe it to be a second amendment right to any citizen of the United States, provided they're upstanding and law abiding," said Fisk. "But we're in the only state in the union that doesn't allow concealed carry."

That's why Fisk and others passed petitions around town to get this on the ballot and put the issue to Randolph County voters.

"I think this is going to pass overwhelmingly, but we'll see," said Randolph County Board chairman Terry Luehr. Luehr says if the advisory question does pass it won't mean Randolph county residents can start carrying concealed firearms.

"We can't pass any laws on the county that supersedes the state," said Luehr. "So even if this passes on the county ballot, it doesn't really mean anything."

If it won't really mean anything, why go through all the trouble to get it on the ballot? Fisk says it's all to make a point.

"Politicians need your vote to get elected and if they see an overwhelming support for something, they take notice," said Fisk.

Downstate Illinois lawmakers have tried numerous times to get concealed carry legislation passed in Springfield, but so far have been unable to gather enough upstate votes to push the measure through.

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