Storm reports 9/1

Damage at the Corning, AR airport (Source: cNews)
Damage at the Corning, AR airport (Source: cNews)
South of Deering, MO on Highway C in Pemiscot County (Source: J. Carlisle, cNews)
South of Deering, MO on Highway C in Pemiscot County (Source: J. Carlisle, cNews)
Damage near Senath, MO (Source: cNews)
Damage near Senath, MO (Source: cNews)
Near Fisk, MO (Source: cNews)
Near Fisk, MO (Source: cNews)
Near Hayti, MO (Source: J. Sparks, cNews)
Near Hayti, MO (Source: J. Sparks, cNews)

(KFVS) - The following storm reports are from the National Weather Service in Paducah and viewers of and Heartland News:

4:19 - Funnel cloud and possible tornado spotted north of Corning, AR, near MO state border. Extensive damage to Corning, AR airport, airplanes. Two hangers and a shed and at least four airplanes damaged. Nearby homes moderately damaged with windows blown out and a shed had a roof blown off.

4:31 - Tornado on the ground reported by Sheriff between Fisk and Rombauer in southeast Missouri.

4:35 - Monitoring rotation west of Murphysboro in Jackson Co., IL

4:35 - Funnel cloud spotted in Stoddard County, MO

4:38 - Best rotation is with Tornado Warned storms over Butler and Stoddard Counties in southeast Missouri.

4:47 - Spotter, Hwy 53 near Qulin, MO, Tornado on the ground at this time.

4:50 - Strong rotation on radar with a dangerous storm in west central Stoddard Co., Missouri with Tornado Warned storm.

5:00 - According to Clay County AR Sheriff dept.  winds and storm caused damage to a couple of hangers at the Corning AR airport.

5:30 - Storm rain totals 5 inches from midnight to 5 p.m. 3 miles north of Mt. Vernon, IL

6:03 - Storm chaser and trained spotters reported funnel cloud then tornado on ground in Bucoda, Dunklin County, MO with a debris field. Law enforcement confirmed tornado. Damage reported, a large farm shop with farm equipment inside destroyed on US 412, south of Bucoda, MO.

6:06 - 2.75 inches of rain since 2 p.m. at Sunfield in Perry County, IL

6:20 - Funnel cloud and tornado brief touchdown on Y Highway south of Kennett in Scobeville, MO.

6:30 - Funnel cloud, possible tornado spotted southwest of Hayti, MO by trained spotter.

6:35 - Street flooding reported within city limits of Poplar Bluff, MO

6:48 - Funnel Cloud spotted 3 miles southwest of Mounds, IL and another one 2 miles southwest of Mounds, IL

6:58 - Funnel cloud crossing the Ohio River into northwest Ballard County, Ky. - 7 miles nw of Barlow.

7:00- Scattered tree branch damage in northern Ballard County, Ky. Power outages between Wickliffe and Barlow, Ky.

7:02 - Tornado 6 miles northwest of Caruthersville, MO by trained spotter. Brief touchdown Highway 79 and Great River Road.

7:17 - Flash flooding reported in Carbondale, Illinois in and around downtown. Highway 13 is closed through the middle of town due to water. Stranded vehicles along highway. Current traffic being re-routed.

7:20 - Tornado reported by Emergency Management in Woodville, McCracken County, KY

7:23 - 4.20 inches of rain reported in Carbondale, IL

7:29 - Half the city of Metropolis out of power. Large tree limbs down.

8:44 - Reports of water over the road at the intersection of Commercial and Poplar Streets in Harrisburg, IL. Water also reported over the road on IL 145 South, 3 miles south of Harrisburg.

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