Memorial Wall at Ballard Memorial High School

Published: Aug. 21, 2012 at 1:47 AM CDT
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Ballard Memorial High School held a ceremony Friday remembering those who were important to the Bombers football program.

The Memorial Wall was erected in memory of Bill Coplen, who was a part of the pivotal group of men who pushed for the high school to have a varsity football program.

Coplen and his integral group actually built the first high school football field, and the first varsity game was held in 1975.

Those who were honored before Friday's game against Heath High School included coaches, boosters, cheerleaders, and players who have all made the Bomber Football program a success.

The following are those who were remembered at the ceremony:

First Head Coach--Jerry Morris
Head Coach--Ben Sydboten
Boosters--Ben Coplen, Victor Denton, Marcia Morris Seaton
Cheerleaders--Karmin DeReeza Roberts (Class of 1979)
Players--Rob Key (Class of 1976), Chris Story (Class of 1980), Brian P. Sullivan (Class of 1984), Allen Gives (Class of 1987), Matt Maxey (Class of 2001), Neil Potts (Class of 2008), Will Mallory (Class of 2010), Austin Wagner (Class of 2011)

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