7/22/12 - Gun Safety

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As a regular consumer of news, you are keenly aware that rarely a day goes by that there is not a story about someone getting shot somewhere regardless of the medium. There are stories about bad guys getting shot and good guys getting shot. There are stories that put us all on edge like the one last Friday in that Colorado theatre.
That story is tragic. But let's talk about a couple of shootings a little closer to home. One in Salem, Indiana, the other in Sikeston, both reported on by Heartland News in recent days.
In Sikeston, the investigation continues into the shooting of a nine year old girl allegedly shot by her 12 year old brother. Thankfully, it was not fatal and she is expected to make a full recovery. Her brother and her father were both arrested.
In Salem, Indiana the story is a little more gut wrenching. A young father - small businessman -  sitting watching TV when his three year old - you heard that right, three year old - accidentally shoots and kills him with his own loaded handgun.
These families may never recover. Now we don't know every little detail about these stories, nor should we. But can we assume that the guns were not secured properly? I think so. May we assume that the children did not understand the power of the gun in their hand? Absolutely.
Our constitution guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms, but it says nothing about the responsibility of gun ownership. Adults know that guns are not toys and should not be treated as such. But children don't get it. They need us to protect them, to educate them and when they are of age, teach them the proper use of a weapon. If you own a gun please take responsibility for it and the proper firearm safety education of everyone in your household. That's my ViewPoint, what's yours?
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