Cattle prices fall due to drought

PATTON, MO (KFVS) - The hot and dry weather has been tough on row crop farmers, but also on cattle ranchers.

There's practically no hay in the region, so many people are dumping their cattle early, and at a much lower price.

At the Patton Junction Livestock Auction, they have had twice as many cattle sold the past couple of weeks as they did at the same time last year.

Summertime is usually the slowest time of the year at the auction barn, but with little hay from the spring and hardly any rain this summer, it's making it tough on ranchers to keep their cattle.

"We're burned up," says Wayne Sharrock of Patton Junction Livestock Auction, "Instead of trying to hold on to them, they're just selling everything."

Sharrock says the prices still probably haven't hit rock bottom yet.

He's guessing they'll continue to drop for the next couple of weeks.

And right now those cattle are selling $15-$20 per hundredweight lower than they were three weeks ago.

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