Squirrel power outage, cow killed in road and new strip club ordinance

A squirrel is to blame for leaving more than 700 people in the dark on Sunday morning, according to Ameren.

Four people are in the hospital recovering after a crash in Jackson County.  A back-seat passenger was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car.

A cow was killed after being hit by a vehicle on Sunday morning in Jackson, Missouri.

Judge Phil Gilbert ruled in favor of the City of Metropolis on Friday afternoon on the city's ordinance on strip clubs and said it's constitutional and can be enforced.
While many of us wait for our flying cars and jetpacks, a new startup is rumored to be looking into another science fiction favorite in the hopes of finding more natural resources in an unnatural place - space.

Astronomers say a loud explosion heard across a large swath of Nevada and California on Sunday morning was likely caused by a meteor.

Cape Girardeau joins the fight Multiple Sclrosis against a chronic unpredictable disease.
Missouri lawmakers are considering changes to state licensing fees for dog breeders and animal shelters.
A published report says more than half of Illinois day cares haven't been inspected by the state.
Illinois health officials are warning people to watch out for deer ticks, which are thriving because of the mild winter and early spring weather.
It's time to show your love for the planet!  It's not too late to celebrate Earth Day with kid-friendly activities and crafts.
Tomorrow will be sunny with highs near 60.
We'll also have Redhawks, Cardinals, and PGA highlights.
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