Cairo Triple Shooting

Cairo Triple Shooting
By: Tony Hensley

CAIRO, IL --One man is dead and two others are injured after an overnight shooting at a Cairo night club.  Cairo Police tell Heartland News one man died from his injuries, while two others remain in the hospital, after the shooting Sunday morning.
It happened outside a nightclub in Cairo 's downtown area shortly before 3:00 a.m. At this time, the shooting is still under investigation. But, investigators tell Heartland News they know very little about the chain of events that led up to the incident. However, police do tell us this isn't the first time there's been problems at the nightclub in question.
On a sunny Sunday morning the nightclub may look like any other. The difference police say was that gun shots rang out just moments before closing time Sunday morning. Lt. Gary Hankins says, “That club is required to close at 3:00 a.m. And we received a call at 2:58 a.m. So they would have been closed or closing when the incident occurred." Cairo Police say more than 100 people were leaving the Charles Place nightclub, known in Cairo as the "3/2" club when it happened.

Investigators say when they arrived 27-year old Dion Cherry, 31-year old Carlos Trenton and 30-year old Mario Hodge were found across the street from the nightclub with gun shot wounds to the arms, legs and torso. Dion Cherry died of his injuries about two hours after the shooting. “We believe that it was a heat of the moment type deal where they may have been an argument or altercation prior to the shooting." Lt. Gary Hankins said. 

Police say they don't know what led up to the triple shooting. Investigators would not comment if the three men were shot with the same gun but say they found 25 automatic shell casings at the scene of the crime. Police still don't know the relationship between the three men involved in the shooting. Lt. Gary Hankins says, “We do know that two of them are from Cairo.   One is from Pulaski. The two from Cairo do know each other. The two from Cairo are friends."
Investigators say the injuries Trenton and Hodge suffer from are not life threatening. Police say they have no suspects in custody at this time, but have several leads. If you know any information about this shooting you are asked to call the Cairo Police Department.