Despite denials, DJ stands by Pujols story

Despite reports that claim otherwise, JC Corcoran stuck by his story Nov. 17, saying Albert Pujols "will sign with the Cardinals."

Corcoran, a disc jockey at 550 KTRS in St. Louis, would not reveal his source, only saying Thursday that it's "somebody who would know."

Corcoran made the initial announcement Nov. 16 on his radio show. He also said via Twitter Wednesday afternoon: "Albert to announce on Friday he's re-signing with the Cardinals."

About an hour and a half later, Corcoran tweeted the following: "Despite official denials I have no reason to amend the Pujols story. I believe it to be accurate."

However, Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman said via Twitter Thursday morning: "Cards (General Manager John) mozeliak said he/pujols agent agreed not to go beyond acknowledging meeting. did say 'safe to say' no deal friday."

Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach also reports Mozeliak says the story is false, and while one or more sports writers with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch acknowledge the claim, they also cannot confirm it.

The 31-year-old Pujols is a free agent for the first time after spending his first 11 seasons in St. Louis. The three-time National League MVP visited the Florida Marlins on Nov. 11 and reportedly received a "substantial offer" from the team, but many experts speculate the Marlins have little chance of actually signing him.

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