Police seize nearly $700,000, charge 5 Louisville men in major drug bust

source: US Dept. of Justice
source: US Dept. of Justice

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Authorities say they've broken up a major drug trafficking ring in Louisville. The DEA says the drugs were coming from Mexico to be sold in our area.

Dan Gronefeld has been busy working on cars at his shop and was surprised to find out what was going on next door.

"Apparently they were storing drugs, vehicles, and stuff like that over there," said Gronefeld. "I had no idea."

Five men are now facing charges. In custody are Marcelo Carrillo Jr., Jeffrey Driskell, Donte Pullum, and Ronald Wells. The search continues for 32-year old Detrick Houseal.

Authorities say the dealers moved the drugs through storage locations one in Shepherdsville, the other here in Louisville on Pinewood Road, next to Gronefeld's shop.

"There would be a car once a week different car come hang out for half hour 40 minutes and sometime they'd pull up and pull another car out and that's about it," said Gronefeld.

A federal complaint says agents seized approximately 1,100 pounds of marijuana, assault weapons, ammo and nearly $700,000 in cash from two homes and the two storage facilities.

The DEA and ATF started the investigation months ago. But, it's believed the ring has been operating here for about two years.

"Crazy, we didn't know anything we thought they were moving in they've been working on the house for about two years," said Jimmy Nash.

Jimmy Nash noticed that the people across the street on Dover Road were putting so much time and money in renovations to the home. But, was surprised to see authorities all over the place at this house just last week.

"They had the doors kicked in so, I assumed something real bad went on over there," said Nash.

Detrick Houseal's home has a busted up glass door, no trespassing sign, and surveillance cameras surrounding the home.

Investigators say they used GPS tracking to follow the men on drug buying trips from Louisville to Indianapolis, Memphis, Arizona and Mexico.

Authorities say the arrests will shut down a major drug pipeline.

"You never know what neighborhood what goes on," said Nash. "I swear you don't."

A preliminary hearing will be held for the suspects Wednesday afternoon. They are scheduled to be arraigned on November 22.

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