ISP find dozens of marijuana plants, cash in Williamson Co.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Officers found dozens of marijuana plants and nearly $2,000 in cash Monday at a home in Williamson County.

The Illinois State Police Drug Task Force Unit served a search warrant at a home at 6867 Drew Road around 1:30 Monday afternoon after getting a tip about someone growing marijuana in the home.

"Upon execution of the search warrant our agents located an indoor cannabis grow operation, a substantial number of cannabis plants, a substantial quantity of cannibas processed and ready for sale and U.S. currency," said an ISP Drug Enforcement Agent

No one was home when officers entered.  Arrest warrants have been issued for the two people who live there. Police say all the plants and process marijuana add up to several pounds and thousands of dollars worth of drugs.

"I would say that would be a fair assessment. Right now though we haven't completed our investigation."

Agents moved in on another pot-growing operation in Carbondale on Monday night. This time at a home located on 619 North Oakland Avenue.

"We found another substantial amount of plants and processed marijuana at the home. And our investigation continues. We expect some arrests forth coming in this case."

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