Old Delta school turned into crisis center

DELTA, MO (KFVS) - A group is taking the old Mary Maude Hosea Delta R-5 Elementary School and turning it into a crisis center for those in need.

The name: AMEN Center.

After the school closed down the district sold it, allowing the group to work on the project for the past two years.

While there's still lots of work to be done, there are a few guests already staying there.

"Just to help the people that need help," said AMEN Center President Danny Hollowell.

"There are lots of people who need help," said AMEN Center Vice President Shirley Hollowell.

"Because of foreclosures and people losing their jobs," said Hollowell. "And just people that get down and out, flooding, burnout, you know just have no place to go."

No matter the reason, the couple wants to provide temporary housing for those who need it.

People like Tammy Beck.

"If his mom hadn't found this place in the newspaper, I'd be stuck in the tent for the winter," said Beck.

Beck and her boyfriend were living in a tent outside his parents' house. When he left the state for work, his mother found the center. Beck plans to stay at the center until she gets back on her feet, and can get an apartment.

"Really helping me to keep on going even though my strength and support is so far away," said Beck.

"We all get to a point where things in our lives get rough," said Danny Hollowell.

"Anyone's welcome," said Shirley Hollowell.

"Anyone is welcome, yes," said Danny Hollowell.

Anyone who gets approval from police. Hollowell said they don't want to house criminals.

"It's going to be a safe place for people to stay until they can get back into their homes," said Shirley Hollowell.

But until then, local community members are helping to decorate and furnish the rooms to make them feel like home.

"I think this is a wonderful deal to be able to provide the work at the labor," said Barron Willer, the pastor at a local church.

He has a special memory of the room he is helping to renovate.

"I went to grade school here as a kid, I had 5th grade in this particular room," said Willer.

The group plans to finish 12 rooms, each with 8 beds.

If they exceed that amount, Hollowell has a plan for that too.

"Well I plan on trying to go on and build some more," said Danny Hollowell.

Hollowell says they still have lots of work to do, and need donations. He says people can bring those to the center in Delta.

You can call them at 573-794-2900 or email them at help@amencenter.org

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