Pawn shop owner facing charges of receiving stolen property

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - A McCracken County pawn shop owner is in trouble with the law for reportedly buying stolen goods, while another man is wanted for receiving stolen property.

McCracken County detectives were looking into several cases of jewelry theft and learned the items had been sold to Hankins Pawn Shop.

Detectives say at least 3 separate and unrelated individuals had sold and item or items to the owners that had never been entered as required by city ordinances to aid officers in finding stolen property.

Investigators say shop owner Keith Hankins initially denied buying the jewelry. He later told officers he'd bought them in a quote "under the table" transaction, lied to police and hid them in a desk drawer.

Hankins told detectives he bought the rings from Jeffery W. Ecklid, and admitted he knew at the time of purchase that the rings were stolen, or strongly suspected they were, police said.

Hankins was arrested for receiving stolen property over $500 and tampering with evidence. His wife Meda Hankins was charged with complicity to receiving stolen property over $500 and complicity to tampering with physical evidence.

Jeffery W. Ecklid, 26, is wanted for receiving stolen property over $500. Anyone with information on Ecklid's location is asked to call the McCracken County Sheriff's Office or local police.

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