Three months later: What happened to Holly Bobo?

Almost three months after Holly Bobo disappeared, there is still an active command center in Parsons, Tennessee staffed with investigators tracking down leads.

With so much interest in the case, the search has not been easy.

"Sundays are the hardest days because we were together, our whole family, all day long," said Holly Bobo's mother Karen Bobo.  "Usually on Sunday we were doing things."

Holly Bobo's disappearance has made life almost unbearable for her family.  The 20-year-old nursing student disappeared in April.  A massive search with thousands of volunteers combing miles of wooded area began almost immediately.

Details of the disappearance trickled out.  Investigators said her brother Clint Bobo saw her walking into the woods behind her family's rural home with a man wearing camouflage from head to toe.

"He actually had an arm holding her, so we feel she knew she was in fear of her life, so she was compliant with his commands," said John Mehr with the TBI.

Decatur County Sheriff Roy Wyatt said Clint Bobo was the only one at home with Holly Bobo.

"This is according to her brother that he had seen her being led into the woods," said Wyatt.

Clint Bobo thought the man he saw wearing camouflage and walking toward the woods with his sister was her boyfriend.  Investigators were initially not clear about how long it took her brother to realize something was wrong, but Wyatt said it did not take long.

"A very, very short time," said Wyatt.

Wyatt said Clint Bobo called his mother first.  She then called 911.  Soon after, people were searching the wooded area around the Bobo family's house.

Investigators said Clint Bobo got only a glimpse of his sister's abductor, who he described as approximately 6 feet tall and weighing 200 pounds.

Aside from some items belonging to Holly Bobo that were discovered along tree lines, Wyatt said they have found nothing.

The FBI, TBI and the Marshal's Service are still in Parsons running down tips and leads.  Wyatt said more than 100 people claiming to be psychics have offered their expertise.  He said some of them have had some interesting information.

"You have to check those things out," said Wyatt.  "You have to look at those just like you do anything else."

As the search continues, pink ribbons and flyers cover entire counties near Holly Bobo's home.

"Holly, we love you," said Karen Bobo.  "We miss you so much and we'll never give up looking for you until you are safely home."

There is an $85,000 reward for information leading to Holly Bobo's location and the arrest of her abductor.  She is 5-3 and weighs 110 pounds with blonde, shoulder length hair and blue eyes.  Holly Bobo was last seen wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans.

Anyone with information should call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Investigators have not cleared anyone as a suspect in this case and investigators believe whoever took Holly Bobo knew her or knew of her and knew the area.

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