Does it Work Wednesday: Baby Bullet

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Makers of the popular Magic Bullet now have a system you can use to make your own baby food.  It's supposed to be cost-effective and a healthier way to feed your child because you know the ingredients going into their first foods, but Does it Work?

"It says it's better than any food processor. When I run out of food, I can just make it here rather than run to the store," said Jerri Carr, a mother from Jackson.

Jerri is one of several dozen parents asking me to try the Baby Bullet before they buy it. After all, it's $80. Her little four-month-old Bryson just started eating solids. Jerri's ready to try her own hand at making those meals herself and for cheaper costs than the jars she normally buys in the store.

First, we slice up a banana, add the recommended water and get right to pureeing.

"Looks pretty good!"

The Baby Bullet system comes with six storage cups. We pour the banana puree in, then set the dial to today's date, so Jerri knows when to feed it by. Most fresh food lasts about three days. That's where the batch tray comes in. You can make a whole month's worth of food, if you wanted to, and then freeze it in cups or ice cube trays like the ones provided in the system.

We feed Bryson the banana puree, and he really likes it! Jerri likes the freshness. We can see a big difference in color between the puree we made and the store-bought bananas.

Now onto something chunkier and harder to puree like sweet potatoes.

We steam and peel the potato, then quarter it for easier blending. Makers of the Baby Bullet recommend we try the "pulsing" technique.

In a matter of seconds, we have pureed sweet potatoes...make that a lot of sweet potatoes.

In fact, I paid $1 for one sweet potato and made a dozen servings. Jerri paid $1 for just two meals of the store-brand. Baby Bullet hits the bulls-eye for value, that's for sure.

"Tripled it almost."

Meantime, Bryson tastes sweet potatoes for the very first time, just for us.

"He acts like he likes them. I think so."

Still, Jerri admits it's hard to cough up the initial $80 for the Baby Bullet system.

"The price is still high."

If you have your own food processor and ice cube trays, you can easily do this at home, too. Still, the recipe book and guide do the thinking for's all easy to follow.

The Baby Bullet hits the mark, leaving us smiling, too, with a B+ on this Does it Work test.

Shop around for this product online, as you can find it for many different prices.  Also, it comes with a blade you can use to mill your own grain cereal.  It's also recommended to NOT let the motor run for more than a minute.  Also, you want to use small pieces for easier pureeing.

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