Police investigate bones found under home

CAVE-IN-ROCK, IL (KFVS) - The Hardin County Sheriff has a bit of a mystery on his hands. He's trying to figure out if a set of bones found under a Cave-in-Rock home are human.

At the end of East Main Street in Cave-in-Rock sits a white house. Patsy Lee has lived across the street from it for years. She says usually this part of town is pretty quiet. But she says that was not the case Sunday afternoon when she returned from church.

"I saw two squad cars, two sheriff's cars, then after a while I saw three, then I saw four, then I saw five and I thought something bad's happened," Lee said.

But it's not clear exactly what happened at the home. Hardin County Sheriff Lloyd Cullison says the owner was in the middle of a renovation project when he found some bones under the house.

"He was digging out a place to put the air vents and discovered them when he took out this bucket," Cullison said. "It had some bones in it."  The sheriff says he stopped work on the house and flagged down a deputy who had driven by. Cullison arrived a short time later.

"Just about time I think I've done it all and then I run into something like this," Cullison said.

Cullison says the bones include teeth and joints and look to be more than two decades old. But added he is not an expert. For those kinds of eyes, Cullison called in Illinois State Police Crime Scene Technicians, who looked over the bones Monday morning.

"He camera phoned it to forensic scientist and he said send it to him and he will, he will, check them and see," Cullison said.

The sheriff says since word got out about the bones he has received a few calls about people who've been missing from the area. But he says right now, the investigation is at a standstill until it's determined if the bones are human or animal.

Cullison says the owner of the home is from up state. He adds results from tests on the bones are not expected back for a few weeks.

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