Poplar Bluff police make meth bust after home fire

Shawn D. Daggett (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)
Shawn D. Daggett (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)
Glen A. Yandell, Jr. (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)
Glen A. Yandell, Jr. (Source: Butler County Sheriff's Office)

Police have arrested two men in Poplar Bluff in a meth bust, after suspects set a mobile home on fire.

According to the Butler County Sheriff's Office, Shawn D. Daggett is charged with assault, armed criminal action and distribution or attempting to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Police say Daggett is already on parole for manufacturing meth.

Sgt. Brandon Waggoner states in the probable cause statement that Daggett committed one or more of the following offenses: Assault 1st degree on a law enforcement officer, Arson in the 1st degree, manufacturing a controlled substance and felony resisting arrest.

Police say Glen A. Yandell, Jr. is charged with producing or attempt to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Waggoner stopped at a residence on Highway 142 on March 31, 2011 when he suspected a car was there belonging to a person with several outstanding warrants, according to the probable cause statement.

According to the statement, Waggoner and several other officers approached the residence of Charles Kneir and asked to search the home. As officers left the home and went out the back door they saw Daggett exit and stop outside the door of another mobile home, that officers say looked unlivable.

Waggoner says Daggett took a 2-liter bottle and opened the cap, which released the strong smell of meth. Officers told him to put the bottle on the ground, and Daggett dropped the bottle and ran back into the mobile home and secured the door, according to the statement.

Police attempted to enter the home, but found a sheet of plywood had been nailed over the door.

Waggoner heard running in the home and a loud noise on the inside of the door. Waggoner says he saw smoke coming through the door into his face, as well as flames around the door.

Officers say they discovered the lab was at the door and with the fire spreading, asked the men to leave the mobile home.

Officers say the mobile home was soon engulfed with flames, and the men left out the front door to police custody.

Waggoner says Kneir was taken into custody as well. Waggoner says for several hours after the incident he experienced irritation of the eyes and skin.

Daggett and Yandell were taken to the Butler County Justice Center.

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