YourTurn - 4/1/11

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Dave Hardesty from Cape Girardeau:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint to Vote No on the smoking ban) Mike and the rest of the 'public' are invited to almost every dance, dinner, or other special event that is put on by these 'private clubs.' That is why you see their signs all over town when these events are scheduled. In fact, they count on the public attendance and financial support at these functions to help fund the many worthwhile programs they sponsor. Just sign in, pay the fee and enjoy. I am a member of American Legion Post 63 in Cape which is smoke free and doing just fine…(Smythe) should vote Yes on April 5th for a smoke free, healthier community for today and future generations."
Heartland viewer Norman Veatch:
"Congrats to Mike Smythe for saying he would vote No on the smoking ban. I am an old vet. I wore a uniform for four years and spent 19 months in (war) for a thing called 'Freedom.' If you can tell all our troops you did a good job but you can't smoke it is stupid. I live in Illinois but it is still stupid."
Heartland viewer Dean Myrick:
"I take the Libertarian perspective. Let the market decide. In a private establishment the policies should be up to the owner, period…As a prospective patron I get to decide whether or not I want to give them my patronage. If it is more profitable for me to run a non-smoking establishment that is what I will do or vice-versa."
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