Afternoon update: Update on the Reynolds Co. fires

Fire guts an apartment in Portageville.
Fire guts an apartment in Portageville.
Shannon Loftis snapped this photo of a huge field fire in Reynolds County, just off Route 21. (Source: cNews Shannon Loftis)
Shannon Loftis snapped this photo of a huge field fire in Reynolds County, just off Route 21. (Source: cNews Shannon Loftis)

Good Friday to you! Here are some of the stories we are working on for Heartland News and The fires across the Heartland earlier in the week were devastating for some people. Crystal Britt is in Reynolds County and talks to a man and his wife that were building a home and living in an RV but lost everything after 38 years together.

We will also have the latest on two apartment fires, one in Marble Hill and the other in Portageville.

Bob Reeves says that the chilly weather and rain will continue for tonight and tomorrow. But, Bob adds that the rain will taper off on Sunday however the cooler temps will stick around.

Two people have been arrested by Wildlife Conservation Police Officers for dumping trash in the Cache River Valley Natural Area. Carly O'Keefe explains tonight what one of the persons was ordered to do as a result of the illegal dumping.

If you are in the market for a hybrid car or an SUV or truck with red or black paint, you may get disappointed. Due to the earthquake in Japan, production has been halted on all. We will tell you when to expect production to resume tonight at 6 p.m.

Kathy Sweeney talked to a postal official about the U.S. Postal Service announcement yesterday involving job cuts and district closings, and what this means concerning mail service in your area.

A group of St. Louis seniors are volunteering at Whole Kids Outreach in Ellington during their spring break.  Tyler Profilet talked to some of the seniors about why they chose to help.

Catch Oprah while you can on CBS! The last episode of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' will be in late May.

Go ahead and laugh! In our health segment tonight, studies show that laughing can actually lower your blood pressure!

The Union Pacific's Great Excursion Adventure sending a steam locomotive through Cape Girardeau on the Little Rock Express route will be May 29 through June 9.

And, Chad Fryman will have all of the latest NCAA basketball matchups, scores and highlights!

Have a great weekend!

James Long
Web Producer