Easy Reach Plant Pulley: Does it Work?

Published: Mar. 22, 2011 at 2:58 PM CDT|Updated: Mar. 23, 2011 at 8:54 AM CDT
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By Lauren Keith - bio | email

SIKESTON, MO  (KFVS) - Easy up, easy down.  That's the promise made by Easy Reach Plant Pulley system. It extends almost 3 feet, but will it hold?  Lachele Brink, manager at Mueller's Garden Lane, is about to find out.

"It feels pretty sturdy," said Lachele.

You have to work with it a bit.  It has the "pull and tug" system like when you pull mini blinds.  Easy reach allows Lachele to water her hanging plants more easily.  Normally, she uses a hose extender to reach the high-hanging plants.

"That's pretty handy!"

Well, maybe.  As long as your plant is between three and ten pounds, then this will hold. Remember, that limit includes the weight added after watering.  So, Lachele says it probably won't hold heavy plants like Boston ferns. Still, she'd use it.

"Definitely outside in higher areas we have trouble reaching anyway."

I had Lachele use Easy Reach for two weeks, just to see how long it will hold. So far, everything's going well.

"Nifty, nifty."

You get two for $10. That's not bad in the short term, but, "Long-term---the strength of it. That's what I wonder about. A lot of these plants can get heavy once they're watered."

"As it is right now, I think it is a good product. I'd give it a B+ or A-."

So, for now, everything's coming up roses for Easy Reach. The plant pulley system holds a B+ on this Does it Work test.

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