Two arrested in Chaffee business break-ins

By Christy Millweard - bio | email

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - Five break-ins Sunday night, two more Wednesday, all in Chaffee.

Sheriff Rick Walter says they've arrested two suspects, and are searching for a third person in association with the burglaries. Walter has not released any names at this time, because they are still waiting for formal charges to be filed.

The business owner victims says this is a shock to them.

"Thinking I live in a small town and there's nothing to worry about, there is things to worry about," said Billy Phillips the owner of Phillips Auto Service in Chaffee.

Phillips said he's lived in Chaffee his whole life, and has had the shop for the past 5 years. But he said when he went into work Monday morning, something was a little different.

"Everything else was in tact, I went through the back door, look, the cash register was laying in the back of my shop just smashed with a hammer the door had been busted into, and all the money was gone," said Phillips.

He says the thieves even locked the back door of the shop on the way out.

Phillips says while they only got away with just under $100 dollars cash, they took something much more valuable.

"At home laying in bed all night long worrying about what's going on down here," said Phillips.

Phillips wasn't the only business to get hit Sunday night. There were 4 others. State Farm, Duncan's Painting and Wallcovering, Dr. Moudy's Dentist office, and Charlie's Barber Shop.

Sheriff Walter says three more businesses were hit Wednesday night. Break-ins at Stuckey's Insurance and the Historical Society Building, and damaged property at Dr. Bader's Dentist office.

Phillips says this is all just a lazy way to make a buck.

"People that don't want to work just trying to find a way to get what they need," said Phillips.

Since the break-in, not only has he lost sleep, but Phillips says he thinks twice.

"I've lived here my whole could leave the house unlocked my keys in my vehicle, now it's like I better get my keys out and I better lock it up," said Phillips.

Sheriff Walter says they do not believe these burglaries are connected to the recent residential burglaries also in Chaffee.

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