Seat Belt Spotter Day for teens

By Laura Wibbenmeyer - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Heartland News often reports on deadly wrecks involving teenagers not wearing their seatbelts, and the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety is launching a program Wednesday aimed at saving lives.

Seat belt spotter day is this Friday and teens have the opportunity to receive a $25 gift card.

Teens have to do two things to get the gift card.  They have to have the seat belt window cling displayed in their car and they have to be buckled up.

In Missouri, 66 percent of teens use their seat belts, that's lower than the state average for all drivers in Missouri at 76 percent.  The national average is 85 percent.

This Friday kicks off the youth seal belt campaign and law enforcement will be out in full force the rest of the month cracking down on unbelted teenage drivers.

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