Marble Hill One Year Later




Marble Hill One Year Later
By CJ Cassidy

(Bollinger Co., MO)--Residents in Marble HIll are still struggling to deal with the mess left behind by deadly flash floods one year ago. The old city hall was rendered completely useless -- flooded out and documents destroyed along with it.

City employees now work in a temporary building; one they say is just a little too cramped for their liking. "We're still in a state of flux.  We haven't determined what kind of new city hall we're going to have," Mayor Don Eaker said.

About 25 to 30 houses that line Crooked Creek were also badly affected by the floods last year, and city leaders hope a buyout will help owners relocate and give them the chance to demolish the buildings and create a recreational park in it's place.
Homeowners like Ron Pokracki, whose house was destroyed in the flood hopes the buyout will give him the money to put a down payment on a new house and the start to a new life.

The damage is still very obvious in his home, a house he says he he has owned since 1996, and has been flooded out three times. "If I could get the marketable value of what my house was worth one minute before the flood, then federal and state agencies can have my house," Pocracki said.