Former Police Chief Charged




Former Police Chief Charged
By CJ Cassidy

(Howardville, MO)--A former Police Chief in one Heartland city is charged for his involvement in selling crack cocaine. The New Madrid Sheriff's Department, federal agents and several other police agencies arrested former Howardville police chief Timothy Collins, late Saturday night.

Officers tell us the investigation has been going on for a year and started while Collins was still police chief. He is accused of possession and sales of crack cocaine.

We caught up with Collins when he made his first court appearance today. He claims he's innocent.

"I'm not guilty of anything only guilty of a bunch of overzealous police officers, trying to go out of their way to make their counterparts look dirty," he said.

Colllins is expected to appear in court for his preliminary hearing June fifth.

Two other men were also charged for sales of cocaine with Collins.