Does it Work Pet Week: Biotene Drinking Water Additive

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(KFVS)-  This has probably happened to you at some point when owning pets: they get really, really bad breath. You've tried dental chews, treats, changing their food, even brushing their teeth, and nothing ever gets rid of it completely until now. Just like we have mouthwash, so do dogs and cats. This one called, Biotene Drinking Water Additive, packs some powerful enzymes, so Does it Work?

"Both of my dogs had really bad breath," said Kristen Rapert of Sikeston.

Kristen says her dogs are like children to her, but the kisses they give her would be a lot more enjoyable if Monster and Pucca had better-smelling breath. So, she took them to the vet for dental cleaning and then discovered Biotene Drinking Water Additive.

However, she was still she was a bit skeptical at first.

"No, I kind of expected it to be a gimmick."

Later, after learning it's no fun trying to brush the pooches' teeth, she picked up a $15 bottle and started squirting Biotene into their water bowl.

"After a few weeks, their breath wasn't quite as bad," said Kristen.

She's "sold" on the product. Here's how it works. Biotene is an enzyme your cat or dog drinks in their water. The enzymes help break down plaque and prevent it from forming in the first place. It's pretty much like a heavy-duty mouthwash we humans use. Before you start squirting away, let's get to the root of the problem.

Dr. Brian Heuring of Delta Vet Clinic in Sikeston says bad breath is an indicator that bigger problems could be ahead for your pet's health if you don't act on it.

"If it gets bad enough, you're looking at cardiac disease, renal disease. It's all from bacteria that is spread from the mouth," said Heuring.

In fact, if you open your pet's mouth and see decay, he says it's time to see the vet for what's called a pet dental.

"If we can keep those teeth in better shape, I know we're keeping that bacteria load to a minimum. By doing that, we're keeping it from spreading to other parts of the body."

Dr. Heuring knows it's not always realistic for you to literally brush your pet's teeth.

"Either we don't have time, or our pets won't allow us to do that, and so we have to do the next best thing. This product seems to help."

Remember, the vet says don't expect Biotene to work alone. He recommends getting your pet's teeth polished professionally. Then, he says, use Biotene to maintain and prevent further dental problems. It in turn freshens that breath.  Plus, in some cases, this product won't work alone.

"You really need to get that pet dental first. In some cases, the teeth are so bad, Biotene can't help it. You'll need that professional cleaning and then Biotene," said Heuring.

"It really does help them out," said Kristen.

Kristen says her dogs are feeling good and their breath is smelling much better, too. She says you just have to remember to drop in the additive from time to time.

"I'd give it an 'A," said Kristen.

Me, too, especially based on the $15 price tag and what seems to be long-lasting results. So, flash those pearly whites, Pucca and Monster!  Meantime, Biotene Drinking Water Additive is gleaming with a grade 'A' on this Does it Work test.

Ask your veterinarian about buying Biotene. You can also find it online. In most cases, a $15 bottle lasts up to two months.

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