Murphysboro woman won't face murder charges following shooting

By Heartland News

MURPHYSBORO, IL (KFVS) - The Jackson County state's attorney says the woman charged in a Murphysboro homicide will not face murder charges.

Investigators say 39-year-old Carla Dooley shot Roger Cole in self defense.

They say Cole was attacking Dooley in her home when she shot him.

According to information released by the Jackson County State's Attorney's office, another woman who was in the house told police that Roger Cole allegedly lied to her to get into Dooley's home.

Once inside the woman told police Cole hit Dooley and started attacking her.  The woman said she tried to help Dooley and while she was struggling with Cole, Dooley allegedly got a gun and shot Cole.

Investigators found Cole's body earlier this month at the intersection of 19th Street and Apple Lane.

The State's Attorney's says since he believes Dooley shot Cole in self defense she will not face first degree Murder charges.

Carla Dooley still faces drug charges.

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