Elderly Matthews couple warns homeowners about scam

By Crystal Britt

MATTHEWS, MO (KFVS) - An elderly New Madrid County couple hopes you won't fall for the same scam they did.

Tuesday morning a group of men, claiming to be selling flooring, allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the couple's home in Matthews.

"I'm suspicious of everyone just about", said James Reeves.

But, even a group of alleged scammers managed to pull a fast one on 80 year old Reeves and his wife Geraldine.

Tuesday morning the Reeves say two men came to their door selling flooring. Ironically, it's something the couple needed as they've been looking to replace linoleum throughout the house.

Geraldine says she let the men in, and then her disabled husband joined them in the living room. The men then asked everyone move to the kitchen area.

Geraldine says the men distracted them by holding up a big piece of flooring so the couple couldn't see in the other rooms.

Geraldine and James were uncomfortable about the whole thing, but didn't say anything.

"I was afraid to", said James.

He says the older man started acting really nervous.

"All of the sudden he said we've got to go".

They headed for their car. Geraldine says she notice a third man in the vehicle.

Immediately they started looking to see if anything was missing.

The Reeves say $100 was missing out of Geraldine's purse, plus a lock box in the closet was gone.

"There was $4,000 in it in 100 dollar bills", said James.

Plus James' collection of quarters worth $500 dollars, and his tool box was gone.

It's something city and county authorities are now investigating.

"Do not let strangers in your house. If you don't know them don't let them in", said Michael Pyles-City of Matthews.

For the Reeves, it's a hard lesson learned.

James doesn't have life insurance.

"So I was saving up for my funeral expenses."

Now he has to start from scratch.

"I'm still wondering why I let my guard down", said James.

Again, the couple says three men were involved in this scam.

They are described as white, one of them in his 60's and the other two in their 20's or 30's.

They left the couple's home in Matthews in a newer model silver Crown Victoria.

If you have any information, contact Matthews Police or the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department.

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