Man arrested after stabbing in Farmington

By Christy Hendricks

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Police arrested a man after a stabbing at a Farmington nursing home Monday.

Police found James Moore lying in a pool of blood with a wound to his chest outside the Carriage Manor Care Facility.

Police arrested 49-year-old Gary Skiles.  He is charged with 1st degree assault.

"I didn't stab him, I shoved him and he must have fell into something sharp.  That house is dangerous," Moore told police while he was being searched.

A witness says he saw Skiles and Moore pushing each other in an altercation.

Skiles admitted to hiding a red handled, Swiss Army knife in his bedroom and wiping blood off of it.

Moore was taken to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis.  He is in critical, but stable condition.

Skiles was taken to the St. Francois County Jail.

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