Caruthersville school finds it's easy to go green

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CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - In 1970, people across the world started taking a closer look at our planet and Earth Day was born.  Now, 40-years later students at one Region Eight middle school are learning about recycling inside the classroom.

8th grader Anne Marie Currie said recycling is something new to her, but she likes pitching in.

"Once we started recycling here at school my mom has become a big, she works at the high school, but she brings here paper over to the middle school," said Caruthersville Middle School student Anne Marie Currie.

Used stacks of paper are brought over and students like Anne Marie cut that paper down to make notepads for the teachers.  The go green effort at Caruthersville Middle School got started at the beginning of the year.

"We at the school began to look for outlets places to take what we used to think was trash," said Caruthersville Middle School Librarian Karen Meeks.

"You can see outside how there are bunches of piles and how a lot of people have lots of it they just don't know how to recycle it," said Currie.

Thinks like newspapers, plastic bottles, cans, and magazines can be recycled and these kids are learning that lesson early on.

"I think we're a little more aware of how we need to be more careful of what we use and not just throw a plastic orange juice bottle in the trash," said Currie.

Once everything has been collected and separated student volunteers bring it out to a bin provided by the Department of Natural Resources, then someone from the school drives the trailer to different places to continue the recycling process.

"In years past we would have thrown it away and now we find other uses for these materials we take so easily for granted," said Meeks.

"I really think everyone in town needs to go in and help us just for the better of our planet," said 6th grader Kelli Coleman.

They hope to keep trashing up their school to clean up their futures.

"It's been awesome this year.  I expect to be astonished next year," said Meeks.

For now the program is just in the middle school.  Meeks said there is no curb side recycling service in the city of Caruthersville, so they hope to branch out to clean the planet up for future generations.

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