New Mayor Wants to Clean-up Cairo

New Mayor Wants to Clean-up Cairo
By: Ryan Tate

(Cairao, IL)--For the first time in 12 years, the town on Cairo has a new man running City Hall.

Paul Farris, an account representative for a petroleum company and Cairo resident for more than a decade, defeated incumbent mayor James Wilson by 117 votes Tuesday.

Farris wants to rehabilitate the downtown, which right now is made up of rundown buildings, some of which look like they are ready to collapse.

"If they can't be rehabilitated, they will come down," Farris said.

He also wants to improve the town's relationship with the State of Illinois and other government organizations. With that, Farris hopes to bring in more businesses and more jobs.

Current mayor James Wilson has been the town's leader for almost 12 years. Heartland News tried to contact Wilson, but he did not return our request for an interview.

Farris takes over the Mayor's office May 1st.