Army Parents Concerned Over Son's Welfare

Army Parents Concerned Over Son's Welfare
By CJ Cassidy

(Cape  Girardeau, MO)--A Heartland couple is praying their son is out of harm's way.

That's after they were told their son, an Operations Officer with the 3rd Battalion 15th Infantry Regiment, was reported injured.

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle he was in , was fired on with a rocket propelled grenade near Karbala about 40 miles south of Baghdad.

But Major Roger Shuck's parents, Donnie and Ellen, who live here in Cape Girardeau say they have faith their son will soon return home from the battlefront safely.

"I was relieved when I found out he wasn't injured that badly," Donnie said. But he says he doesn't expect to hear from his son again until after the war.

Roger's parents say they're also keeping in touch with his wife and his three kids who currently live in Fort Stewart, Georgia.