Heartland Marine Adopted by Police

Heartland Marine Adopted by Police
By: Arnold Wyrick

(West City, IL)--One Heartland Marine who's fighting in Iraq just got a bigger family.  Corporal Howard Reed's been adopted by the West City Police Department. 
Cpl. Reed was supposed to be getting out of the Marines this March, but when the call to duty came in, he was shipped out to Kuwait.  "Our department, like a lot of others, have relatives and friends who've been deployed or are going to be deployed," says Officer Todd Kays.  "He's a friend of ours and we want to bring him home safe, and take care of him while he's over there," Officer Kays said.
 Cpl. Reed's wife Nikki says her husband will be very gald to get the care package from home.  "For the police to adopt him like this is just great.  I'm so grateful that they've done it, because he'll greatly appreciate it," says Nikki Reed. 
She and Howard were to be married on March 29th, but instead they wed before he was shipped overseas.  " I get really scared especially when I hear about the Marines.  Because there are 11 missing from Camp Lejune, and that's where he's stationed.  And I'm just praying that it's not them," Reed said.  "I talked with him the night before they started bombing. 
His unit is one of the ones fighting in An Nasiriyah.  All I care about is that he comes home," said Reed.  The young couple is expecting their first child in September.  Nikki isn't sure if Howard will make it home before his first child is born.  "He can be over there for as long as they need him to be.  Just let him come home safe,and complete to me."