Wet Mops and Glass Cleaners



Wet Mops and Glass Cleaners
By: Amy Jacquin

One cleaning tool that's really hot right now... a disposable mop pad, with a trigger that squirts cleaning solution directly onto the floor.  But which brand is best?  We compare the Swiffer Wet Jet, to the Grab and Go.  And later, we look at Windex, verses an off-brand called Glass Cleaner.

The Swiffer Wet Jet pad feels very thick, sort of like a diaper. They're easy to apply. Just match two velcro strips up to the strips already on the Wet Jet, and you're ready to go.

The Wet Jet it easier to apply than Grab and Go, because with that brand, you have to stuff the pad down into the holes. Our mess is a buttery grease used to make popcorn, because it'll really take something to cut through it and wipe it clean.

We start with the Swiffer Wet Jet. Just press the button, and solution easily sprays out. We continue for a few minutes, to give the solutuion time to dissolve the grease. 
Then it's time for the Grab and Go.  And when you press the trigger, the spray turns into foam.  The trigger is easy to operate, and the foam lets you see exactly where you sprayed.

But we see a problem with the Grab and Go... the pad isn't digging into the grout, and the grease settled there remains untouched.   We examine the pad, and it's worn around the edges, but the middle is barely even wet. We think it's pushing the grease around more than absorbing it.

You can still feel a little grease on all the tiles... though the Swiffer Wet Jet seems to have cut through a little more of the grease.
Granted, Amy used more grease than you'd find on most floors... And she believes the concept would work on averagely dirty floors. But Amy would grab the Swiffer over Grab it and Go, because the padding is more absorbant, and it did a better job of getting into the uneven groove lines of grout.
Amy gives the Swiffer Wet Jet a B, and the Grab and Go a C-.

Now we move on to a mirror splattered with water and toothpaste residue. For this test, we clean the mirror with Windex and the value brand Glass Cleaner... both claim to be streak free.

It only takes a few seconds to test both these glass cleaners, starting with Windex.  It dries streak free. And the value-brand Glass Cleaner hangs tough with the big brand... also drying streak free. So both Windex with Amonia D, and Glass Cleaner with amonia, earn A's.